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Simple sounds v3.0 8.11
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Simple sounds v3.0 8.11

No mater how great crew voices mod you install, you will get bored of them after several battles. Not mentioning original ones ;)

I've prepared a voicepack which replaces crew voices with short&simple sounds. After installing this, your tank crew will stop talking at all. You will get short sound notifications instead. All non-important sounds were removed, leaving only ones worth attention of experienced player.
Installing this mod will also save a bit of RAM during the game.

NOTE: If you're a beginner I recommend to stay with original sounds to understand the game better.

Video preview:

0. If you want to use Sixth Sense sound, install adequate mod first. There are plenty to choose from, one is here:
1. Download simple_sounds_3.0.zip (182KB).
2. Go to res\audio directory (not res_mods!).
3. Backup original ingame_voice.fev file (you will need it to revert original sounds).
4. Unzip simple_sounds_3.0.zip into res\audio overwriting original files.
5. Make sure "national" voice messages are disabled.
6. You may want to increase volume for "voice messages" to 100% in game settings.

WoT forum link:

Happy using!


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