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Spartan Crew v2.0
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Spartan Crew v2.0

This is a large update to my spartan crew, cause after all they are the best of the best.
Multiple countrys
*China *France *Germany *Japan *USA *USSR others i think
Multiple Spartans and adding new ones!
*Spartan756 ;), Aceofspades :) ;), a scout spartan "Hazie", "Switchy" a recon spartan, 194 with a katana blade, Eva spartan (Kelly087), Recon Spartan, Master Chief (OF COURSE), violet elite, and last but not least a ODST.

If you'd like to see something else as your crew in WOT, like stormtroopers or other characters, i could also do that. Just say so in the comments below*

If you dont know how to install a mod, well, this is how... First you download the modfication | unzip it | copy or cut the folder "gui" once it's been unzipped | Paste in side this PC > Games > World_Of_Tanks_NA > res_mods | then you paste it in res_mods then you should be all set and ready to load in to world of tanks.

Have fun!
-Spartan756 or AceOfSpades

Bergi2001/ Spartan756 / Wargaming/

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