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Tank Explosions 13 Effects 8.11
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Tank Explosions 13 Effects 8.11

This mod was created to diversify and embellish the process of destroying enemy tanks and allies, making this event a brighter and more positive. Effects are present on almost every taste.

Achieved in 13 variants:
1. Energy Plasma - tank surrounds the plasma energy.
2. Energy Sphere - tank surrounds the energy sphere blue.
3. FireWorks - high above the tank, a small fireworks.
4. FireWorks 2 - instead of an explosion of the tank big fireworks.
5. FireWorks 2 and Large Explosions - Fireworks and the Big Bang tank.
6. FireWorks and Large Fire - Tank + lit fireworks.
7. Ghost Energy - tank surrounds ghostly energy.
8. Large Explosions - big bang tank.
9. Large Explosions and Energy Plasma - big explosion of the tank and its surrounds the plasma energy.
10. Large Explosions and Energy Sphere - big explosion of the tank and its surrounds energy sphere blue.
11. Large Explosions and Ghost Energy - big explosion of the tank and its surrounds ghostly energy.
12. Large Explosions and Large Fire - large explosion destroyed the tank and the tank is burning large flame.
13. Large Fire - burning tanks destroyed large flame.

Installation:  Select option in the archive and copy the folders from it in World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.11 \


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