Fontaine Phantom trailer v1.1.3 1.40


Changelog v1.1.3

Update for 1.40

There are a few limitations to be aware of:

- While there are visible models for all standard flatbed cargoes, I have not had time to adapt them beyond basic positioning.

- This is only for Freight Market/Quick Jobs. The ownable version is still WIP

- The sidekit variant is temporarily removed

- The custom cargoes are temporarily removed and will likely become a separate mod to better fit how the new cargo system works

- This is temporarily not available on the Workshop due to a Validator bug which would

force me to drop support for all game versions prior to 1.32.

The Fontaine Phantom is a discontinued model of all-aluminum flatbed trailer that was produced in the mid- to-late 2000's.

The trailer in this mod represents the most typical configuration of the Phantom; 48 feet long, 102 inches wide with spread axles.

This is my first trailer mod for ATS, based on a vastly improved version of my original for 18WoS:PTTM.

It is standalone, though it makes use of existing base game cargos where appropriate.

It includes a selection of original cargo models by myself as well as some adapted from the base game flatbed trailer.

It is also well-balanced with the game's economy; It doesn't flood the job market, and the loads

pay reasonable amounts compared to the base game content.

Advanced coupling is supported, as is the trailer picker where cargos are shared with the base game flatbed.

Like my other mods, I will be adding and improving features in future updates.


This mod is compatible with my wheel pack. It's not required, but if it is installed with higher

priority than the trailer, it will use the Goodyear G314 285/75R24.5's.



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