Scot A2HD v2.0.2 1.40


Changelog v2.0.2

- Added chrome fuel tank option

- Added shadow caster to mirrors

- Added vertical bar grill options

- Added severe service bumper

- Added majority of accessory UI icons

- Accessory UI icons now use premultiplied alpha (no more white halos!)

- Tweaked amber and smoke bug deflector tints

- Added Magnum moose bumper

- Stop/tail/turn lights are now attached by brackets instead of levitation!

- Standalone truck;

- Sold by a dealer of brands from modifications;

- 1 cabin;

- 2 chassis;

- 9 engines;

- 18 transmissions;

- 1 interior (own);

- Tuning;

- New wheels

- Advanced hitch for the Long chassis

- Support for DLC Cabin Accessories; (required)

- Support for SiSL’s Mega Pack; (not included)

- Support for advanced hitch;

- Present in the gallery;

- Support for trailer cables;

- Lighthouses, banner and flags for heavy freight;

- Deflectors on the hood;

- New user interface icons for rear mudguards;

- Changed the texture of the exhaust pipe;

- Redone handle to capture the hood;

- Fixed painting;

- Support for Steam inventory items;



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Commented on 2021-06-15 02:53:25

This is not your mod, do not download this...
Reason why not to download is because 1 its stolen... 2 its by a "guest" user... 3 it has the logo by Smarty himself... and 4 there is 3 places this can be found...
The SCS Forum...
ATS Steam Workshop...
And Smarty's website... (
Go fuck yourself with a 50 food tree and jump off a bridge and kill yourself if you decide to download this bullshit... I hope you die if you do... You stupid cunt...

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