Scot A2HD v2.0.3 1.42


Changes v2.0.3
- New visible transmission model (RT-910)
- Tweaked wetkit model to fit new transmission; improved shadowcaster as well
- Headache rack models are now secured with u-bolts
- Interior indicator lights are now much more vivid (overdriving using both texture and vertex colour)
- Material tweaks to GPS accessory
- Added a few missing transmission+final drive combinations
- Reworked aluminum diamondplate texture/material
- Reworked dual headlight model
- Added Merritt in-frame battery box
- Lowered full/half fenders 2" for better clearance of trailers
- Raised Varashield to allow use of all clearance lights
- Added Varashield for sleeper cab
-- Note: Varashield model is still WIP; servo and hinges still need to be completed
- Added 'Smarty's Custom Rigs' mudflap options
- Rebalanced mudflap prices and unlock levels to differentiate between basic and chrome hangers
- Improved shadowcasters for chassis and bogey models (axles, fifth wheels, and drivelines now cast shadows)
- Reworked/added UI icons for remaining accessories
- Added some new/missing steam inventory content support
- Added exhaust sound event to Cummins small cam sound, with spatial offset
- Added hood mirrors
- Added remote sound event for full Convoys support



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The truck for all the Boomers out there...

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