This is a Mercedes-Benz W140 1991-2000

Version: 3.0(12/31/2023)

The mod is of excellent quality and includes:

1. Sedan and Limousine version

2. Animations: gearbox, steering wheel, pedals.

3. Doors open using new game technology.

4. Excellent detailing of the body from all sides.

5. Excellent damage.

6. All textures are PBR. High Quality.

7. Fully edited 100% Jbeam.

8. Your own dashboard.

9. Realistic engines and gearboxes (have real characteristics)

10. Its realistic 5 wheels.

11. Includes 18 configurations.

12. All characteristics of the real car are observed (Weight, power, specification numbers, etc.)

13. Tinting for each glass. (50%)

14. Rear view mirrors.

15. PBR Headlights.

16. Has armored versions.

17. Has a modified rotten version.

18. The interior color changes in accordance with the 2nd palette.

19. Has tuning.

20. Flags of some countries to choose from (there will be more with updates)

21. All nameplates are available (AMG, Brabus, S600, S500, S420, etc.)



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