Double Trailers Reunion 1.28.x


I put this pack together with about 50 double trailers for ets2 and ats. tested in vanilla game 1.28 + all maps and all trailers dlcs. Also
works with Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v5.7 and Chris45_Trailer_Pack_9.07.

Basically I just change the def files, so there is a proper trailer weight for each one, depending of trailer size and cargo type. I try to use only the vanilla game cargo. They are available in all country’s.
It is strong advised to use teleport and have auto park on. once some trailers are too big for some old in game company’s.
know issues: some models are out date (they are not 1.28). I do no intend to update them. This is the first and probably last version, so if anyone want to continue updating the pack be my guest.




Commented on 2017-10-16 12:34:48

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:25:53


What folder do the skin hide files from Reefer_Double?

Gr. nportegies skins

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