Finnmark Mod fixed 05.08.22 1.45


Adaptation for patch 1.45.x and Promods 2.62
areas that were combined with Promods 2.62 are now removed from the new version
error correction

In the original 1.45 compatiblity release of this mode there was an error resulting in empty signs in the areas that have been merged into Promods. Just fixed the bug

This is an attempt to expand the ProMods map in the north-east of Norway.


It requires all SCS map DLCs  as well as ProMods 2.62.

It works with Promods in the Middle East, but is not mandatory. No other map combinations were tested.


The current E75 from Varangerbotn to Vard&oslash is also continued, along with the roads from Tana bru to Berlevåg and Båtsfjord.

New towns: Berlevåg, Båtsfjord, Vads&oslash, Vard&oslash, and some places that only act as a setting.

New companies: 7 + 1 garage ownable.



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