Kenworth K200 (BSA Extended) for ETS2 1.47


The mod's adapted terminal version with Convoy Mode support for ETS2 v1.47.* - 1.49.*,


Suitable for ETS2 v1.47.

- Iveco dealership, Iveco mod dealers;

- Five cabins;

- 4 interiors;

- 7 chassis;

- Eaton Fuller transmissions (third-party transmissions are not supported);

- Engines sounds updated;

- Its own tuning;

- Paintjobs (template is provided);

- Its own wheels;

- Smoke;

- SCI Steering Wheels DLC included (2020 update);

- ETS2 DLC Cabin Accessories support;

- SiSL's Mega Pack v3.x support;

- Advanced Coupling System support;

- Trailer cables support;

- Window animation support;

- Added to Quick Jobs;

- Presented in Trucks Gallery.


jekich1,Oleg Verhovodov,SCS: - 3D model.
Smith - Template, assistance with animation etc.
Oleg Verhovodov (Fire-Blade): - Interior model, modeling.
Mikhail Verhovodov: - Conversion to the game, setting up materials, textures. Animation. Baking.
Virat - steering wheel modeling.
Evelin_Sophie: - Skin Pack. Testing.
Driver Geo: - Video
Mick Brown: - Technical support.
Tracy N Nathan Anderson: - Technical support.
HCC - Truck model editing, 8x6 Tri-drive axle chassis modeling, plus adding of some accessories for it.

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