Legendary Trailer Pack v3.5.5


After a long break, I decided to update the mod again if you want to see how I made some of the trailers then please check out my Timelapse here (read more).

Mod is compatible with all dlc.
There are 92 trailers in the pack.
Made with ETS2 Studio and Photoshop.

– V3.5.5 : Added more trailers and updated the mod picture again.
– V3.0 Added 21 Trailers and updated few other things.
– V2.0 : Added 14 Trailers and improved the mod.
– V1.5 : Added 17 Trailers
– V1.2 : Added 16 More Trailers
– V1.0 : 18 Trailers.


SCS Software, Kacperth

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