Low deck chassis addon for Eugene Volvo FH v1.5 Fixed 1.40


Changelog v1.5 from 16.04.21:

- fix headlight and foglight glass material.

Changelog v1.5:

-Updated for v3.1.6 & 1.40.

Changelog v1.4:

-Updated for v3.1.4 1.35.

-Fixed DX11 bugs.

-Added stock taillights(Thanks to Schumi).

-Removed battery box from the rear, new shape of chassis and new air tank.

Changelog v1.3:

-Added lowered chassis for normal tyres.

Changelog v1.2:

-Updated to 1.32.

-All models updated to new version(No more yellow lines in log).

-Added chassis with big fueltanks.

-Corrected wings.

-Added painted parts (Only for these chassis, template inside zip file. Left/right parts are not exactly simetrical!)

-Corrected Globetrotter raised spoilers.

-Added more nr plates, now are on separated mod.

-Corrected sideskirts hole for the sidestep of fueltanks.

Changelog v1.1:

-Fixed glass for headlights like in last update of Eugene.

-Added Italian number plates.

Raised spoilers.

Cables working!

5 Optionals number plates.

Removable wings.

You still need the original mod, my mod only contain necessary pmd, pmg and def files to add it to the original mod by Eugene:

Link 3 Volvo FH16 2012 Reworked v3.1.6


Eugene, Sogard3, Update Mondo.N

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