Map of Russia and Belarus RusMap v2.4.4.1 + Connector Promods 2.61 1.44.x


“RusMap” 2.44 + Connector Promods 2.61

Map of Russia and the Republic of Belarus.

All bugs found so far have been fixed.

Made a partial rebuild of obsolete map assets.

Game patch – only 1.44.x.x

Added Promods Connector 2.61

The city of Balvi has been restored (promods).

Fixed break in Vilnius-Minsk road, railway crossing near Pskov

(worked incorrectly + trains disappeared) !

1.Unzip the archive and run the installer

2.Wait for the installation to finish and start the game

3. Enable mods


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Commented on 2022-06-24 09:28:07

Look out, When U ask someothing about the high prices, They block youre IP!!

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