ProMods + RusMap Road Connection v1.1 1.44


Changelog 1.1
Connector RusMap_2.44 - Promods_2.61 updated to version 1.1
The city of Balvi has been restored (promods).
Fixed a break in the Vilnius - Minsk road, a railway crossing in the Pskov region (worked incorrectly + trains disappeared), as well as all errors found by this time.
The file 'map_data.sii' that led to the displacement of the card substrate is deleted.

To run this modification, you need Going East!, Scandinavia, DLC Vive la France!, Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea and dlc_balkan_e.

This fix has been created for the combination of ProMods 2.61 and RusMap 2.44 only and should have high priority in the Mod manager.

Load order in the Mod manager:


RusMap Map Package

RusMap Model 2 Package

RusMap Model Package

ProMods Definition package

ProMods Map Package

ProMods Media Package

ProMods Models Package 3

ProMods Models Package 2

ProMods Models Package 1

ProMods Assets Package

RusMap Def Package



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