Realistic Headlights v3.0


Realistic Headlights - Traditional version (Halogen Lamps) -ETS2

This mod completely remakes the players and AI headlights of the game making them more beautiful and realistic.

Now there are 4 lights color variations, to download then visit my steam profile.

-Halogen (This version)

-Xenon 6000k

-Xenon 10000K

-White Led Lights

Version 3.0 added:

-Updated To 1.40 Version

-Fixed headlights bugs under bridges

-Fixed some cars that does not work headlights

-Fixed very strong high beam

-Fixed roof and front lights bugs

-Fixed reflections bugs

-Fixed wrong lights bugs in sunshields

-Better reflective signs

-Better auxiliaries lights (Brake, blinker, reverse, etc...)

-Better roof and front lights

-Better rain reflections

-Better Quality Lighmasks

-Better Lights Colors

-More synchronized headlights

-Added support for more

-New Light Effects

-New AI Lighmasks

-New AI headlights

-Headlamps more aligned

-Bug fixes and other minor things



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Commented on 2021-04-01 19:58:25

I tested the mod and have to regret to find out that it is an absolute disaster

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