Realistic Traffic by Zavadyak 1.40


1) Increasing traffic density

To be able to use console we need to change some things:

A) Go to Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2.

B) Find file "config.cfg" and open it with notepad.

C) Find line in which its writen: uset g_traffic "1.0"

D) Change 1 to whatever number you like (the bigger number is the bigger traffic is)

E) Save changes

2) Download mod!

A) Go to:

B) Download mod

C) Activate mod in game

D) Enjoy your game



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Commented on 2021-06-09 21:33:52

When people is going to realize that using anything that is not traffic 1.0 is going to throw many performance issues to the game, specially now that the game requirements are a bit higher. And yes even the most of noobs knows that they can change things on the config file. But NO ONE uses anything different than traffic 1.0 for again, obvious reasons. People who change that are morons and completely noobs.

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