Renault Magnum Updates v22.0 1.40


Changes v22.0:

* adaptation to version 1.40

* added backlight to dashboard, navigators, phones

* added improved versions of the cellphone and cellphone with GPS, on the dashboard and on the windshield

* added extended version of the slots on the dashboard (more slots across the cabin)

* added an extended sunshield with slots

* added slot for accessories at the bottom of the windshield

* added tray for license plates

* shutters now in two versions - opened and closed

* updated Magnums in companies and in truck dealer


Author by: Knox_xss
Hard_Chebur - interior decoration
dmitry68 - dashboard animation
Flemming V - basic models of booths and trailers for BDF
DANZ - flashing beacons, signs and signs
oq37 - pennants
kuba141 - on-board computer
50keda - the basic model of the navigator
SCS Software - The Magnum Base Model

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Commented on 2021-05-03 08:37:13

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Commented on 2021-05-03 08:41:29

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Commented on 2021-05-03 23:34:13

Overall a nice Mod but i found a few little bugs who needs to fix :)
1st the steering wheel spins way to fast. when you turn your steering wheel from your pc one round then the one from the Truck turn about 3 times.
2nd when you open the window you can hear it and you can hear the noise from outside like its open but from the inside view the window doesn´t move. it looks like its already closed. when you look from outside it opens normally but from inside not. then the spot for the LED on the backwall is to high. it´s better when its below the upper bed, not above because you can´t see it from outside. and last but not least the horn is way to quiet and the normal horn doesn´t exist at all. that´s all i found atm :) good job overall exept thiese few little mistakes. i hope i helped you that you can fix it for a perfect result :) sry for my bad english ^^ Greets from Austria

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