Reworked Krone ProfiLiner v1.3 Fixed by Sogard3


Changelog v1.3 (06.06.20)
Now all the taillights are working and also the ADR texture is fixed for 1.37

Changelog v1.3:
- Added new chassis for Mitnahmestapler bumper.
- Added small painted sideskirts for ECO-TWIN and the new chassis.
- Added ferry hooks for Huckepack chassis.
- Added DHOLLANDIA lift bumpers.
- Added Mitnahmestapler bumpers made by kazan1234.
- Added PALFINGER F3-253 forklift made by kazan1234(Available only when the closed bumpers are selected).
- Added stickers for Mitnahmestapler bumpers.
- Added new taillights for the new bumpers.
- Added more skins.
- Updated the accessory lines list paintjobs for the new parts.

Changelog v1.2:
- Replaced ICE BOX with RSAB(Thanks to kazan1234 for cables).
- Reworked the stickers (Special thanks to FreD_ & EddieVegas).
- Added lift axle stickers on the sideskirts.
- Added new type of sideskirts with spare wheel.
- Added hooks for ferry transport.
- Corrected the size of Type150 taillights.
- Added support for reverse lights by obel.
- Added PaperLiner sticker.
- Added front tool box for PaperLiner.
- Added more skins.

Changelog v1.1:
- Fixed missing rear vertical reflective banners.
- Fixed missing Single Round taillights.
- Fixed missing PaperLiner paintjobs.
- Added paintable mudflaps.
- Added more skins.

- Standalone in dealer (It won't replace the original ProfiLiner by SCS).
- Realistic place for toolbox on the rear side.
- Added empty spare wheel support.
- Added big pallet box on the rear side.
- Added different wheel chocks on the rear side.
- Added water tanks on the rear side.
- Added more bumpers.
- Added more taillights.
- Added different colors for reflective banners.
- Added oversize plates.
- Added ADR plates.
- Added realistic stickers.
- Added fire extinguisher on front panel and left leg.
- Added Mega bodies for Spanish/Portuguese style.
- Added Huckepack chassis.
- Added ECO TWIN chassis.
- Skins.

Link 3 Skinpack.


SCS (Base model from Profiliner DLC).
kast (Taillights).
ReyhanRamadhan (Skins).
Axelrol (License plate mode,flares & round taillights).
My cousin (Sticker textures).
FreD_ (Sticker textures).
kazan1234 (RSAB cables).
EddieVegas (Sticker textures).

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