Scania Next Gen ReMoled v2.0 (upd 15.06.21) 1.41


Changelog v2.0 from 15.06.21

Update for 1.41

Signature front bumper is now included .

It is a LOW bumper and only available with blue fogs for now .

Also included is a little experiment ReMoled 770 V8 Engine . It is tuned to 3750nm torque and is more fuel efficient . Pairs up with the ReMoled Speedshift 12+2 gearbox . In automatic you should notice the gears change very quickly without the power lag it will also kickdown for more power . Engine braking activates downshift and retarder depending on how much engine brake you give it . These are still being fine tuned as the kickdowns do need some adjusting .

Link 3 Addon for compatible with pivas dashboard mod

You have to open the mod and replace the files . Make sure the UK files go in the uk folder.


Solutech, Many thanks to Mohegan,GTMike,Obelihnio

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Commented on 2021-06-15 14:23:16

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