Schluter Super 1500 TVL Special v1.0 MR


Hello LS Community
As some of you probably know I have compl. pulled back from Farming Simulator
and also give no one a share for mods or parts which have been built by me.
Nevertheless, I want you here my " BRAND NEW " Schlüter Super 1500TVL Special offer for download.
He has a
Polycount : approx. 495,000 polys
VRam . 20.7 MB
Objects: . 94
I3d . 64.9 MB ( so a small moment take when buying something but actually just about NEVER happens)
Milli-seconds . . to Buy Original Map : Super_1500TVL_Special.i3d ( 63.41mb in 1878.14 ms - 2100.14 ms) on different systems
Mod packed . 17:07 MB
Features: everything is animated , BeleuchtungV3.1 , switchable weights and FH etc.
I give this Schlüter for download because someone whom I thought he be a friend of my
Trust has abused shameful and a beta model of this mod in as Modtausch object
Circulation has brought . Some of which this mod now in beta status and have to have in rumgefuscht
're trying for some time through pictures and totally stupid conversions to profiling and try to
to make my mod as yours. The only thing that remains for me now is give you a spanner in the works
to make and deliver the CUSTOMIZE mod the LS community so that everyone can have fun with the CUSTOMIZE Mod .
And to make Him have exchanged goods for yourself can make a long nose and a clown mask on my account
can set up because you can vorlocken more behind the stove with your cheap conversions Nobody now ..
So much for that .
I would like to again express it through a NOBODY a release for mods or parts ,
I have created the gets (unless LS09 / LS11 or or or ) . However, should anyone respect my desire NOT
so I will have it removed immediately. What someone does for HIS PRIVATE use I do not care ...
But I want to see NOTHING of my things somewhere for download.
Here are a copyright notice . :
                               Copyright for the model of
         Schlüter 1500 TVL Special by: . Schlüterfan1977 , model Eicher , Jesse James
                             3d model . Schlueterfan1977
                                Textures . Jesse James
                        Scripts : . Eicher Model
         The 3d model ( i3D ) of this vehicle as well as any attachments ( loose parts )
           such as: wheel and tire combinations or hydraulic systems , etc. just like
                 all texture files that are located in this mod
         intellectual property of schlueterfan1977 and thus subject to its copyright.
             Parts or textures may ONLY be used for PRIVATE use ..
              Re- upload of parts and textures violates the copyright.
                   Rebuilding of the mods for purely private purposes allowed .
       The mod may not be the same and still asked again in a different form for Downloads
                          otherwise it is a violation of the copyright of
             schlueterfan1977 .
                The scripts are installed with the associated texture files
              the copyright of the creator.


3d Modell .: schlueterfan1977
Texturen .: Jesse James
Scripte .: Modelleicher

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