Dogde RAM 2500 Turbo Diesel v1.6


So you malingerers,
worde because my account Micha04668 blocked and deleted lad I MY mods here again new high!
So today you something for the farmer with gasoline in the blood.
Since I like the Ami map games I thought to myself, as well as a decent car must be found and not the normal walking aid for pensioners.
That's why I got me this Dogde Ram 2500 Turbo Diesel tinkered together.

So now to the details:
Little is bringing to the streets or sometimes onto the pitch in possession of a larger engine of 350hp.
He also has road tires and is set a few inches higher.
You can hunt through the countryside with up to 135 km / h but the fun also costs a little. For the small variable color choice you have to put € 50,000 on the table. And it costs you on day 50 €.
But Oh, and he has in the back of a clutch for a special trailer that was not really in use.
Light and turn signals are time installed, but it seems I'm too stupid for it to get it sorted times. Forward all goes well, the additional lighting ... just as usual behind is nothing again.
Oh undwer with realism comes around the corner because I can calm down, this car is available in the Engine Version)
So now the usual: I am for criticism, praise and even photos open.

Version 1.5
adjusted rear turn signals and lights and made operational by wernie_de
Installed RUL
Horn changed
Coupling away in the back of
Cultivated own mark
Fitted Store photos added fire from Dodge
Adjusted exhaust textures

(Mod can not be changed without my permission let alone be re-uploaded !!!!)
If you like my mods then let me through PayPal ne small or large donation there :)


Dogde Ram Marke Eigenbau by Micha04668
Lichttechnik by wernie_de
Version 1.3 gefixt von Mannie313
Kennzeichen und Shopbilder = Micha04668

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