Kroger TAW 30 v1.0 Final


Hello everybody.
Today we would like to 30 ask you our teamwork to Kröger TAW available.
To preface:
Timber 131 and the LS 15 workshop have decided a little to build the Kröger order.
For a lively discussion of this Kröger now appeared.
The Kroger has installed various small gadgets.
· Tires may be widened
· In addition, the warning signs go by from
· At the rear, you can fold up the rear underrun protection
· So that you can extend the drawbar
· Light completely revised
· Reversing light coupled with hazard warning lights
· Capacity was set at 45,000 liters
· Weight was adjusted real and is about 8.5 tons.
· The rest is like the standard Kröger
We wish you much fun with the part.
Support can be found on Facebook under the name LS 15 workshop.
For suggestions, improvements and decent criticism we are always open.
Oh, for Theam new upload, we give a damn what you will do with it!
Greeting Timber 131 and LS 15 Workshop.


LS 15 Werkstatt

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