MAN E-TGS electric trucks v1.0 Electrotronic


hi MH Community
Here I offer you an electric truck of MAN At home. it consumes 0 liters / 100 km and is LS-Umweltfreudlich for everyone. Eingendlich I have the mod stopped but this was my last work here in the MH appears. my other mods appear Woanders.Es was adjusted so that it realistically .just goes unfortunately he Tankt no electricity, I'm still working, (who can help me the logs Please me via PM) I had problems with the tank I had LS13 from the Gulf Dingchen look at the data and submit it to my truck, .. which was taken by me from the game and converted. Well the results are still out anyway, I still say the data

Bj 2014
EZ: New vehicle
Price: € 374,000
0 KM
590 hp
Color Selection
under trucks to Find
is a MAN
Note the urrmodder is GIANTS
As I said who an electric-custom one can here the test and decide whether to keep him oda ned.
Again, who is looking how to electric or water refueling / how must adjust so that please get in touch with PM.
Note this mod is for everyone to release their ne need not ask me you can modify it and re-upload, just like the Lizard syncer
Well good luck while gambling, my new mods appear Found where MH not spread him like etc. Comments are erwünschenswert .Beleidigungen and insults are not allowed!

well, then have fun
LG Corsa D driver


Der Umrüster : CORSA D FAHRER

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