Hello Friends of farming, I present another great Italian trailer, Randazzo Company . The style is typical of my latest mod, with real weight and size (scale 1: 1). The project which Realized thanks to the manufacturer (F.lli Randazzo) That in addition to maximum cooperation has thus provided the CAD model did I had to remodel due to excessive polygon. This mod, despite the high number of polygons, is very light ingame Confirming the quality of the work done.
The set includes 4 VERSIONS: - NH (white / blue) - John Deere (yellow / green) - Fendt (green / red) - and version colorable, realistic animations unloading, washable; Fruits supported :: wheat, rape, maize, barley, seeds, chaff, potato, sugarbeet, silage, wood chips, grass windrow, dryGrass windrow forage, forage mixing ...
New Feature Introduced is the double dirty. greenish inside the trailer, and earth-colored outside.
Tarpaulin fully animated, and the Possibility of tipping load.
- The trailer with rear unloading, suitable for grain, silage, seed.

The load capacity is 40.000
Size: 7.5 m. lenght, 2.550m. width, 2.20 m. height.
Empty weight 7.100 kg.

Ago-Modding (Ago-Sysytemtech).
Thanks to my team for testing. Log Clean and no error in Sp and MP, on standard map!

Good game!
This mod is Offered Exclusively and under the license of F.lli Randazzo and please keep the original link for the download. Changes are prohibited !!!
In addition, the mod excluding scripts, is Completely covered by a Creative Commons license 4.0 you will find the conditions of use in the left below:
Vietato post sono su ALTRI Siti, rispettare il link originale!
Are forbidden to publish on other sites, respecting the original link!
Are prohibited to post on other sites, respect the original link!

Licenza Creative Commons
Randazzo R275PP LS15 v.1.0 by Ago-modding is licensed under a Creative Commons Non-Attribuzione commerciale-NoDerivatives 4.0 License Internazionale .
Based on a work at https://www.facebook.com/ago.systemtech .
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://www.facebook.com/ago.systemtech



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Commented on 2015-05-25 10:31:33

Remove this mod, you are violating both the Creative Commons 4.0, the copyright of the producer Randazzo !! No we have granted permission to change the link, and publish the mods out Modhoster, read well before you do these things.


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