Round Bale Trailer


This trailer is designed for the transport of round bales. The design allows for 12 bales to be transported in the first layer.
Additional layers can be loaded allowing up to 26 round bales. It is equipped with a locking script that is activated and deactivated
With the o key(letter not zero). The side panels are raised and lowered with Key Pad #7 and #8 or with a 360 controller LB-X and LB-B
buttons. It has been tested in MP. I do not recommend opening and closing side when bales are locked. It is also not recommended to leave bales on trailer when exiting a game, although I have done so and returned and bales were still on trailer, but you never know when something could happen. The trailer is washable and has an operational support stand. The price is $6500 with $1 per day upkeep.


I hope you enjoy using and if uploaded to other sites please keep credits.
Model and texture JohnDeere1952
MP testing Chocolatecake2001
objectAttacher author Geri-G
edited by PeterJ FS-UK modteam
toggleAnimParts.lua Author: Sven777b

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