Scale Marshall QM1600 plus


Many people have been so happy to see Giants introduce a small British agricultural company to the game including myself, Giants added a nice selection of equipment from Marshall. However one problem was never fixed and has been the same since day one. The scale of this trailer when measured up using a ruler is off by quite some, in fact the default trailer would be more suited to the size of a QM1400. Now the Marshall pack has been made as a normal ZIP file, it means I can release this version to you all.

Made larger using correct measurements from Marshall's website
Added a couple of decals to the models texture
Added new larger main collision box
Made the model and wheels colourize, Just the original blue parts

All standard features, grain sheet, washable, lights etc. The price is revised to what I found on the website and the capacity has been tweaked slightly, again to the values that I found on the site.
This mod may be uploaded to other websites but please be polite and use the correct credits.
Hope you enjoy these few little tweaks
Peter. :)


Giants, Peter, Taylor

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