The Monster Chipser v1.6


So first thanks to TuneWar I could modify and improve this unit from him.

Version 1.6
- Bereifung angepasst da nicht alles gleich war
- Holzhacker angeschrägt um Holzstau und Verklemmer zuunterbinden
- Hackleistung etwas hochgedreht
- Diverse Feineinstellungen und behebung kleiner Fehler

Change the original:
- Complete installed belgium
(Indicators, brake light, normal headlights and reversing light)
- Now fully washable
- New tires mounted with tires labeling me
- Any two axles steer with
- Automatic Baumstamm- or piece of wood collection improved
- Installed indicator
- Bissl tweaking

Urmodder: TuneWar
Tag: Micha / MTL Modding Team

There is always a truck or tractor with Dolly before his otherwise nothing works


Urmodder = TuneWar / Umbau = Micha / MTL Modiing Team / Reifenbeschriftung = Ahran / Bavaria Modding

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