Old Kroeger v2.0


To sell is an old TRAILER!

Version 2.0
- improved spring path
- dynamic pants;)
- number plate of your choice / thanks to BLACKY!
- wooden floor of the flatbed was covered with metal

Rumor has it that this one is the original FATHER of all AGROLINER?
VB = 9,200 DM!
he had the last MOT in MAI / 18, new taillights and rear new aprons get!
winter tires are not there, since he is always in the barn ^ ^
... a new dike and a broken tail light, there is free! ;)
WHAT, only 6,000?

hmm ...?
okay, - we meet in the middle at 8,000 DM! (Horse Market Handshake)
the TRAILER is good!
there was no mistake made ;)


Modell: GIANTS
Textur: BALOO
Script: GIANTS
Idee / Konzept: - news, BALOO
Tester: the bear ;)
Sonstige: ... auch BALOO

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