Crawler pack and ATZ loader v0.1


Pack of logging equipment from the Altai Tractor Plant.

The pack consists of technique
1. The skidding tractor TT-4 - is used for skidding small and large trees and whips, auxiliary works, clearing the territory and access roads.

2. The skidding machine LTK-154 is used for the selection and formation of packs of trunks up to 10 cubic meters. with a maximum gripping area of ​​1.8 square meters, cargo handling, stacking and loading operations.

3. Timber forklift jaw LT-65B - is used for the implementation of operations for stacking wood, loading and unloading manipulations associated with transportation of timber in the forestry enterprises.

4. Pusher for piling the stack. The TT-4 and LT-154 tractors are equipped with winches and can be equipped with a frontal three-point hitch for the pusher installation.

Feature of tractors
Travel speed 20 km / h.
Power 110 l / s (81 kW).
The volume of the fuel tank is 135 liters.
Animated control levers.
Working lights and dashboard.
Leaves traces and shows dust.
The price is 29,000 rubles (15 per day).

Pusher feature
The volume of the bulldozer is 3000 liters.
It gets dirty, and is washed from dirt.
The price is 700 rubles (5 per day).


Кирюха, 50keda, Zaxis FS, Mirozed, Road_Runner

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