FS17 Oxbo High Dump Cart v1.0


FS17 Oxbo High Dump Cart converted from FS15. Credit to Rafa for model in FS15. All original credits on model are unchanged I don't add my name to any of these conversions. Error free in the log. Dumping particle animations was done by James S. The rest was converted and setup by myself, Broz, Daze, and Dallas. This has been and off and on project for the past few months. Setup for bulk so should be able to load everything in game. Hydraulic Cylinders on the basket I haven't been able to get right, so for now I left them invisible. If you have a fix for that let me know. Has tires or track options in store. The tracks are setup to use with the 9RT and similar height draw bar hitches. Can use other tractors but the tracks might not sit flat on ground. Enjoy!


Taylor Farms FS17

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