Krampe Bandit SB30/60 by Bonecrusher6


Have here a revised Krampe Bandit SB30 / 60 for you.

Have been done:
- Choice of color on body, tarp and rims (limited color palette, as with my Challenger)
- Tire selection (Standard, Alliance, Vredestein and Trelleborg T404)
- Configuration for logos on the tailgate
- Digital level indicator front under kick (from Farmer Andy's Fliegl PFS, release is available)
- Rolling gray instead of green
- Shine reduced
- new schemas and images
- various xml adjustments

Further information:
Purchase price: 78,000 
Maintenance: 40 € / day
Capacity: 60,000 l
Latest patch needed


Giants Software GMBH


Commented on 2018-06-03 18:38:19

There's no rear hitch for dolly. Single trailer only on this one!

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Commented on 2018-06-04 11:41:15

damn, I was really hoping it could hitch a dolly to the rear, HEY don't judge my farming preferences.

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