Krampe DA 34 Roadrunner v1.0.0.0


Included are:
- Krampe DA35 Roadrunner chassis
- Price 32700 euros
- Dynamics Hoses
- Tire selection
- Krampe DA35 BigBody 47
- Volume 46900 liters
- Price 24500 euros
- color choice
- Krampe DA35 BigBody 32
- Volume 31700 liters
- Price 18300 Euro
- color choice
- Krampe liquid container
- Volume 26000 liters
- Price 34500 euros
- color choice
- Configurable as a water tank, fuel tank, manure feeder
- Acquired pump technology
- Compatible with trouser system
- Compatible with manure pack
- enclosed file for exchange in the CoursePlay5 -Mod, is stored in the folder _CoursePlay
Copy and paste into CoursePlay folder, replace existing file with it.
This includes the Roadrunner Manuretank
usable with CourePlay for feeding.
- Vehicle configuration for courseplay or hose system selectable, since I've found
that if manure pits and feeders are equipped with the hose system, using
Courseplay blocked the automatic filling at the slurry pit. So in such a case
Courseplay can now be used, but the hose system must not be disabled, this can be selected at the
Purchase options. This costs nothing, so reconfigurations are free of charge.



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