Krone Turbo 2500 v3.0.0.0


The "Krone Turbo 2500" is a small, single-axle forage wagon,
which was manufactured by the company Krone from 1985 to 1993.
In the first years of its production the forage wagon was only available
in red, from 1991 it was also available in more modern green.

The pack contains two forage wagons, one in red and one in green, each with used texture.

Configuration options:
- Forage wagen or silage wagon
- Standard or new wheels
- With or without license plate
- With or without dynamic hoses
- Overrun brake or compressed air brake

Price: 10.900 € (red), 11.400 € (green)
Capacity: 19.000 l
Maintenance: 20 € / day

Changelog Version
- Silage blades (optional)
- Pickup adapts to uneven floors
- Sharper main decals
- Gloss with Reflection Map

Changelog Version
- Additional loader wagon in green
- Added tire choice
- Overrun brake added as an option
- New decals
- Added license plate option
- When parking wheel chocks in front of the tyres


PeterAH, Oldenfarm, Ferdi LS

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:10

Any chance we could get a version of this or the Poettinger forage wagon for FS 19? There is nothing like it available and they were my favorite to use because of the unique look and small cost.

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