Mack Truck and Trailer Set v1.1.0.1


Mack B61 V8 truck with a Fliegl ASS 298 trailer

Here is a Mack B61 V8 truck with a Fliegl ASS 298 trailer.
Both mods are LOG FREE!
The mods run on standard script and have the usual standard features and functions.
Since the mod has been on the DL for some time, I would like to share it with you here as well.
Features / Functions
Lighting FS17
Instruments / Tacho lighting
Animated speedometer
Animated cardan shafts
Animated engine fan
Driver's door opens / closes automatically when getting on / off
Color choice (body from the truck)
various new attachments installed
Trailer attacher selectable in the shop
4 wheel versions selectable in the shop (truck and trailer)
(Standard and wide tires on standard rims)
(Standard tires and Nokian tires on Mack rims)
Texture revision
various xml parameters adjusted

Top speed approx. 83 km / h
Power: 535 hp
Purchase price truck: 135000 €
Maintenance: 125 €
Loading capacity trailer: 47,000 liters
Loadable fruits: standard
Purchase price trailer: 72800 €
Maintenance: 63 €

Must be unpacked!
I wish you a lot of fun with the mod!
MfG Kalijostro the little tomcat.


Giants Software GMBH
Edit / Modification: Kalijostro der kleine Kater
Tested and Other: speedy77 [FBM]

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