New Holland TM 175/190 v1.0


Hello MH Comunnity, this is a very important day! :) I have finished a very difficult project. The largest New Holland TM tractors. Models 175 and 190. They have a huge number of features so please read the description :)

Choice of engines/design:
New Holland TM 175 -> All rated nominal power: 175 PS
Normal TM 175
Brown Design TM 175 (Due to cooperation with Fiatagri)
TM 175 with new yellow stickers (when buying called NS)
New Holland TM 190 -> All rated nominal power: 190 PS
Normal TM 190
Brown Design TM 190 (Due to cooperation with Fiatagri)
TM 190 with new yellow stickers (when buying called NS)

100% No LOG Errors! Fehlerfrei!

Tire selection:
All rims and tires have been selected by myself to look real and to be well matched.
Wide Tires
Michelin Tire
Dual back wheels
Narrow wheels

Function List:
Full Interactive Control (IC) All added from scratch.
Openable doors, back window, small side windows (tiltable)
Folding steering column (IC)
Power throttle animation in cab
Full Animation hydraulics rear and front
Windows cylinders animation
Tractors have nice washable. New specular textures has been made by me.
Very good rotations of front and rear attachers.
Selection of front hydraulic or new holland front weight.
Fenders on IC buttons
Foldable warntafels
Warnings on IC Buttons
RDA Pressure systems in wheels (IC)
Max speed about 40 km/h (Real!)
All other basic functions: full lightning, indoor huds, mirrors and other...

Important! Download is on Uploaded. Downloading will take 30-40 minutes but it's really not much compared to how much time I put in this mod. I did it every day, for 3 weeks. Respect this please and it will be more interesting projects soon :)

Please do not edit this version! This is Version 1.0 and I can make next one!
Please keep only my download link!


Modell/Textur: BJR-Modding, Marthu1990
Script/Programming: Marthu1990


Commented on 2017-05-16 19:45:21

great mod
you can find great mods also on
try it

nice mond once again

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