Renault K-Range TRUCK TRIAL v1.0


So your dear,
I converted my Renault K to a Truck Trail vehicle.
What BENEFITS should it have?
Just to drive over floor and stone if you do not feel like farming.

What can he do?
Standard (low beam, long distance, reverse, brake and reverse lights as well as turn signals and ruls)
8x8 drive (no Drivecontrol with differentials and four-wheel possible because it is permanently installed)
can ascend gradients, even if you do not get up at the first time with momentum (just stop for a moment and then accelerate again [steering helps too])

Hald is a FUN Mod and something else than a normal truck.
Credits: BFSJW, ChiZack Gameing (John Deere 5615F)

Kind regards
TschiZack Gameing (John Deere 5615F)


Modell: BFSJW, TschiZack Gamieng (John Deere 5615F)
Textur: TschiZack Gamieng (John Deere 5615F)
Idee / Konzept: BFSJW, TschiZack Gamieng (John Deere 5615F)
Tester: TschiZack Gamieng (John Deere 5615F)

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