Ural 4320 and NEFAZ 9334-20-16 v1.1 by SSha


Changes 1.1:
I replaced the sounds of the engine.
Changed the texture of the cabin.
I removed the trunk from the cab.

Ural 4320 truck tractor:
The price is 20 000 rubles, 20 per day.
Engine power 260 l / s (191 kW).
The speed is 83 km / h.
The volume of the tank is 280 liters of fuel.
Animated propeller shaft, mudguards and suspension.
Working lights and dashboard.
In the course of doing it gets dirty (it's washed).

Nefaz 9334-20-16 truck semi-trailer:
The price is 12,100 rubles, 10 per day.
The volume of the body is 27 000 liters of cargo.
Animated mud flaps.
Choice of trailer color.
Removable tent.
Working lighting equipment.
In the course of doing it gets dirty (it's washed).


Eraevgenij, Sanjka86, Alex44Rus, SSha

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