Wienhoff VTW20200 v1.0


Here is the Wienhoff VTW 20200 v1 I have converted from the LS15! A little next to project!
To the dates:
Price: 57000 euro
Maintenance Per day: 45 Euro
Filling 750 liters / sec
Capacity: 20200 liters
Trekker strength of 110 Kw / 150hp
Working width: 30 meters
Have fun with Lg Thunder01


Modell: Wienhoff20200VTW
Textur: √úberarbeitet
Script: HoseSystemVehicle Copyright (c) Wopster, 2016
Idee / Konzept: einfach lust drauf neben bei Projekt
Tester: Vega und Ich

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