1967 Ford F600 v4.0


This truck cab is from the FS17 F600. It was updated and mated to a 1977 Chevrolet C70 Grain Truck.
Truck also features the interior of Expendables 1978 F150 Ford

V4.0 Update:
* Player position in cab (hands/feet)

V3.0 Update
*Corrected interior camera

V2.0 Update:
*Corrected unloading

Truck Features:
Truck is made to look like a stock 1967 F600
 * Capacity is 40,000L
 * Color option on grain bed only. Cab does not have color options at this time
 * Optional mud flaps
 * Working Speedometer
 * Interior from 1978 Ford F150
 * 3 Realistic F600 Engine options 330ci, 361ci and 391ci. Motors "rebuilt" for more HP 300, 350, 425HP

Known issues
 * Interior is pulled from another truck and does fit 100% perfect. There is some overlap
 * No color option on the cab
 * F600 interiors differ from F150... but I frankinsein these together so its close enough
    plus... I always liked the 1973-79 F100 interiors.

But the log appears to be clean thus far.

OKUSEDMODS: I try to create realistic vehicles for players. I focus on realistic engine options and
stock appearance. My MODS are not 100% perfect but close enough to still have fun.


Credits For original 1977 Grain Truck:
FS19 FarmSimSteve
FS17 & FS15: Daniel Toma, Colt and Watson Farms, Caminokid, westmorgan, small American farming, Kulje7, googleplex2010
Original F600 Cab Author Unknown
Expendables 1978 F150 Ford

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