Bandeirante Hexline 1050 v1.0.0.0


The Plana Agrícola Bandeirante is versatile equipment coupled to wheeled tractors, offering solutions for loading and unloading products,
land cleaning and handling of the most diverse loads. This adapts to the most diverse tractors
Pantographic tie rods developed in a multiple fold system, providing greater mechanical resistance to the system.
Structure with a single transverse tube, providing a greater field of vision for the operator.
Exclusive Profile of the structure in Hexagonal format, providing greater resistance to the structure.
Level display, enabling faster leveling.

Scout Hexline 1050.
-Cavalry 190CV
-Price 5400$

Hay fork.
-Price 600$

Silage fork.
-Price 2100$
– 810 L capacity

Log fork with claw.
-Price 800$

Pallet Truck.
-Price 800$

Roll fork.
-Price 1700$

Ripper Rake.
-Price 600$
-working width 2.6

Big Bag Winch.
-Price 3000$

-Price 600$
-Working width 2.6

-Price 800$
-800L capacity

Big Bag Seeds.
-Price 1200
-Capacity 2000L



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