Bread And Donuts Production v1.0.0.0


Bakery: Bread Production using Flour Pallets and Natural Water Drums.

Confectionery: Production of Donuts using Flour Pallets, Sugar Pallets and Natural Water Drums.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod can only be used together with compatible maps. For this pack to work on other maps, its creator

you will need to include the required log files on your map if you wish. At the moment, the compatible maps are La Coronella 2.0,

La Vieja Campiña Agrícola, La Coronella and El Valle de Chambergo (Consoles).

Remember that these factories have been created from the animal system that the game uses, so its operation is not everything

real that I would like, so I ask you for a little patience with this model of alternative product factories.

Important: Keep in mind that the game is limited to "10" the number of animal stables placed within the same game, so

the sum of stables and factories can never be more than 10. I recommend that the number of factories and animal stables,

do not exceed "10" at the same time and if you do not have stables of animals placed, never more than 8 factories at the same time, this can cause problems in your game.

Sell ​​stables or factories that you do not use to be able to use different ones and thus expand your gaming experience.

I also recommend saving your game before proceeding to place a factory to avoid losses of progress in your game.

To be able to start the factories before you must activate it as if it were an animal stable, you will be able to find

the trigger inside the Bakery and Confectionery, next to the Small Entrance Door.

These factories can be sold as if it were any other placeable building in the game, that if, keep in mind that you must

completely empty the factory before being able to sell it, both of the raw material and of the materials produced.

Once the factory is completely emptied, you must deactivate it by returning to the place where it was activated, as if you were going to sell an animal from any stable.

Inside this mod, I have added a text file "INFO" with the necessary documentation to adapt this factory

to any map. I am not responsible for the improper use of this data and the possible damage it may cause to your map or saved game.

You can find the Bakery and Confectionery in the Animals section of Placeable Objects.

To start them up, you must supply Natural Water and Flour Pallets and / or Sugar Pallets. You will find natural water in the store, in the section

of Pallets, in 500 liter drums. On the contrary, the Flour Pallets must be produced by the Flour Production Factory, available

in the Placeable Factories Pack.

-Price of the Bakery: € 18,000.

-Price of the Confectionery: € 15,000.

-Maintenance: € 50 / day.

-Estimated production: 4 boxes of 2500 liters per day.

Required Mods:

- Placeable Factories Pack (By: erShaba)


erShaba, raulycristi1 (VSRModdingSur)

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