Phoenix ITRunner Edition v1.2.0.0


Tatra Phoenix in a new version for ITRunner trailers.

Changelog: Version
-The animation of raising and lowering containers has been adjusted.
-New colors have been added to the Chassis and Rims color selection.
-New color configuration in the lower part of the cabin.
-Increased turning radius.
-The center of gravity has been adjusted, to prevent it from tipping over easily

Changelog: Version
-A rear camera has been added.
-Some adjustments to the 3D model.
-New settings to avoid easy tipping.
-Animations have been added in the frame: Speedometer and Indicators.
-The engine power has been adjusted to 640HP.

Changelog: Version
-New engine was added.
-The turning radius and speed have been adjusted.
-New colors were added.

Various configurations are available:
-Colour selection.
-Wheel color selection.
-Motor selection.
-Selection of wheels.
-Beacon design selection.

Price: 108.000 €
Power: 440/640 CV

Required Mods:
- ITRunner Pack (By: GIANTS Software)


erShaba [VSR Modding Sur]

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