Hof Bergmann AL Erweiterung v0.4.0.0


Expands the autoloader to include most Hof Bergmann pallets.


All Hof Bergmann 1.3 palettes are now supported

Missing FR translations added

Corrected small apple crate and eggs in cardboard box

Wine bottle height corrected

What has been noticed so far in the beta and has already been reported here as the beta of the AL.

If you notice anything missing, please report it in the GitHub ticket with a picture and description, thank you.

If nothing more is reported, the official version will soon be available - Animal skin palette, Gerber palettes added. White lime, tannins and leather can be loaded as an oversized palette - Beer crate adapted to simplified version with HB's own translation - Added missing FR translations - Added honeycombs - Added honey boxes - Added milk cans, corrected small apple crate and eggs in cardboard box

This means that any trailer that uses Achimobil's pallet autoloader specialization can be used at Hof Bergmann.

Requires the Palette Autoloader specialization from version



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