HoT Container Wood v1.0.0.0


The HoT Container Wood, which can also be seen with Mario, has its origins in the Giants wooden containers, but they offer the advantage that they fit directly onto the cargo system and do not disintegrate when sold.

The containers only work in their form (40 foot open top container and 7m swap body) with the Platinum DLC and only on the HoF.

The 40-foot container can be found under trailers - there is also a suitable trailer for it.

The swap body is located under the swap bodies of the cargo system

The must be opened before loading, just like the standard containers from Giants, there is a trigger for this at the rear - coupled to trailers or trucks, you can also press the X button. Since the swap body has no doors that open, the Frame then the overlay "LOADING"

The containers can be unloaded like normal trailers in the timber sales trigger with key I.

The containers only work with the cargo system of the HoF 2022 and only at the HoF, since the unloading triggers have been adjusted!

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