John Deere GreenSystem Trailer Pack v1.5.0.0


Trailer for transport the John Deere FD 600-700 and HD50F headers series.

Locking system, compatible base game:
-New Holland Varifeed 28FT and 41FT
-CaseIH TerraFlex 28FT and 41FT
-Fendt/ Massey Ferguson PowerFlow 30FT and 40FT
-Fendt/Massey Ferguson DynaFlex 9255 40FT
-Capello Helianthus 12000
-Claas Convio Flex 1080 and 1380
-John Deere HD45X
-John Deere HD50F
-CaseIH 4418 N

Prices: $7,500 - 12,000
Header widths: 30-35-40-45-50ft

- Green or Dark Grey color.
- 600,700 or generic decals.

Locking system, compatible mods:
-John Deere 627C - Agro Tonho
-John Deere HD Pack - Agro Tonho
-John Deere 600FD And 700FD - Agro Tonho
-John Deere 616C/716C - JHHG Modding
-John Deere 612C/712C - JHHG Modding
-John Deere 600F Series - 46mods, SiiD Modding, North Dakota Modding and Mapping, Stee
-John Deere FD700 Series - Custom Modding
-John Deere FD600 Series - Custom Modding
-CNH 3162 TerraFlex Draper - Custom Modding
-Green System PA Series - Farm Centro Sul

-Color selection released
-Tire color selection.
-New normal textures
-New decals


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