UMRV Multifruit Edit BETA


This is not a mod!!! Unzip and replace each files and folders in the original mod folder.


Added baby animals: calves, heifers, foals, lambs, chicken chicks, piglets etc.and new animals: goats, ducks (also with baby stages)

Added special feed requirements

Animals eat more but produce more (like in maize plus).

Added new crops: buckwheat, beans, mustard, rice, chickpeas, linseed (harvested with grain cutter; has it own straw called flax fiber) and new grain: rye and millet. Added carrot and onions as a new root crop and and also as a animal fodd.

Please follow the tutorial made by Enowler how to add multi fruit on a map. The process is the same for Upper Mississipi River Valley.

Download for UMRV map: or down bellow.

On the map Italia Emilia Extension please download Vineyard Pack Italia. I added the grapes (normal and white), that before harvest must be pre-pruned with a tool in that pack. Otherwise grapes won’t work and map won’t start.

Also for the carrot and onion harvest I added some mods as requirements that should automatically download from mod hub. Also you can check my Fortscritt Multifruit edit for a smaller machine.

Tutorial for multifruit:

Please replace also the character folder and add scripts folder directly in the map folder and the HOF Bergmann animals should work too (except cats - need a special placeable).


All credits go to the map maker DJ Modding and his team and Farmer Andy for animals.

The translation for the new crops and animals is only in english for now.

As I mentioned the grape vines are from Italia.

Still in beta. Might have errors. Plan to add more crops, maybe apple orchard, if I manage to mod it.

When finished, will work also to change the production recipes to work with the new crops, or make a production pack for this map.

Required mods

Upper Mississippi River Valley 4x




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