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THAT'S IMMPRESSIVE GUYS --- this guy "PEPPE978" send STRIKE TO THE MY CHANNEL for what I did REVIEW THIS MOD !!! IT'S A BULLSH!T !!! I DON'T SHARE ANY LINKS !!!!!!!!!! For what is STRIKE ???!!!! I ...

IT'S A BULLSH!T !!! I DON'T CREATE THIS POST AND DON'T SHARE ANY MODS !!!!How could I know that this mod is stolen ?!!!!

STOP USING my videos for STOLEN MOD LINKS !!!! --- Respect authors doing FREE mods !!!

STOP using MY videos in the STOLEN MODS !!! --- Respect the work of the authors!

1 month ago

STOP SHARING my videos in this SITE with NOT ORIGINAL authors mod link !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I understand it - the mod is private and was stolen by Niknab... I did not know that the mod is private...