Austrian Stables v1.0.0.0


Austrian stables as they are found in Pinzgau. It is a small stable for few animals.
Originally, the stable was designed for pure tethering, or boxing. Today it is modernized and has an adjacent pasture for the animals to run out.
Bales can be stored in the upper part of the building. Through a small hatch in the floor, the HD bales can also be thrown back down to be bedded or fed there.

This pack includes different versions of the barn:
- Purchase price: 29.000 $
- Maintenance costs: 15 $/day
- Cows: 12 animals
- Pigs: 20 animals
- Sheep: 20 animals
- Each version once with predefined fence and once without fence for free placement. However, the size of the walkable area of the animals does not change!
- Feed triggers down in the barn
- Storage area for HD bales at the top
- Slurry removal on the side of the pipe
- Lights to turn on and off
- All gates to open.
- Authentic decoration




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