Brzozówka Map v1.0.0.3


Welcome to map Brzozówka.

Changelog v1.0.0.3:
- New auxiliary icons
- Multi terrain 360°
- Optimizing the map
- Minor corrections

The map offers:
- 3 Farms (Chicken, Cow-Pig, Chicken-Sheep)
- 228 Fields (including meadows)
- 240 Farmland
- 20 objects to find
- Varied terrain
- Water abstraction from lakes
- 4 new vehicles on the roads
- New terrain painting textures
- Fuel Station
- Biogas plant
- Animal trader
- Straw purchase
- Machine Shop Agro Tech Rol
- Workshop Agro Tech Rol
- Mine
- Sawmill
- Carpenter
- Sawdust purchase TROTEX
- Spinning mill
- Shop Dindo
- Shop CBA
- 2 Dairies
- Sugar factory
- Bakery
- Chicken coops
- Grain purchase Swierklany
- Beet Buying Świerklany
- Grain Mill
- Inn Brzozówka
- Oil mill
- Construction Sites
- Grain elevator
- Grain purchase Plonek

Required Mods:
- Speed Camera (By: tn4799, Rick Black Labele)


VenTuriO, Pisel

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Commented on 2022-08-05 19:13:22

Fantastic has everything...realistic terrain, realistic city, great attention to details ,great fps...and much more , i would need an hour just to write everything i like about this map ( european style map )
Huge respect for the author of this amazing map...
I am curious...for the author of this map...what masterpiece you make next map ?
Can you do better than this ?
This is in my top 3 (european style map) the BEST maps for FS22..
Bravo for the author , creator of this map, big like from me.

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Commented on 2022-08-06 11:22:57

Which Aries placed the map on the US modhub? There is nothing wrong with it, but the download link had to be the original.

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