IHC 955/1055 V1.3.0.0


The first official release of my 955/1055 pack including a 955, 1055 with 2 or 4wd.

-more realistic design
-more realistic textures
-new more realistic sound
-animated switches on dash
-optional openable front window
-openable hood with realistic engine
-driveshaft on 4WD model now works
-fenders on the 4WD model are further from tires
-steering cylinder now works on the 2WD model

engines: 955(95hp), 1055(105hp)
design options: different kind of stickers, straightpipe, fenders, front loader and so on
the tractor has simple ic, lots of other animations and a special feature where the sound of the tractor changes if you straightpipe it. it also has a realistic suspension meaning it springs on the air in the tires instead of making the whole wheel spring.
have fun




Commented on 2022-09-23 20:39:23

ce site deviens impossible des pubs partout plus de place pour les annonces c'est abusif

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